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Z axis touch plate

Hi, I have been having trouble with getting a z axis touch off plate to work. I can get it to lower to the plate but as soon as it touches it sets off an error message. And will not complete the action. I have wired it into the board as per the diagram and I am obviously doing something wrong in ugs. I am tearing my hair out trying to solve the problem. Being new to this certainly hasn’t helped.

G’day Greg,
Can you provide any more info. Any errors come up?
Please can you post some print out from the console from around the time of the probing cycle?

Hi, after pulling most of what’s left of my hair out, I finally discovered that black wires are not always for negative (apparently Chinese haven’t heard this yet). Retired it today opposite and buggy me it works. Thanks for your concern. Just goes to show when you eliminate everything else, it has to be the problem.