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Z axis movement

I have had my machine for a while and have never got off a cut that was good, some that were passable.

I finally had time to pull it apart and have found that there is a lot of vertical movement in the z assembly. How is the acme screw supposed to be secured between the bearings? I pulled it apart and the screw has a lot of play in the delrin nut, is this correct or is there just supposed to be enough clearance so it can screw.

I have followed the online diagrams but when assembled there is about a 1mm of vertical play that the screw can move.

This is a video of exactly what it is doing

My quick guess is you need to adjust the essentric nuts on the plate, see red nuts in screenshot. Screenshot_20200326-193142_Chrome|236x500

Hey Argoman, it is not the eccentric nuts.

There was two problems, the first is the play in the delrin nut, this is fixed apparently via by using a backlash nut. The second is the fact that the z axis aluminum extrusion is too long so when the acme rod is installed and can freely move up and down.

To test this I 3d printed off some parts (i cant imagine they will last- it was mostly to check if it would work as I am quite frankly sick of spending money on this thing) but when installed they do take up all of the extra movement. So I need to find more long term solution. I posted this on reddit to get an answer as I really didn’t expect to get a response from the 3dtek. https://www.reddit.com/r/hobbycnc/comments/fm8qbf/acme_screw_vertical_play/

I am not sure if I just got a lemon of a machine but this is two more parts that don’t fit or work as they should.

Thanks for the response, I’m assuming you have tried talking to 3dtek directly?

I had issues when I first bought the machine, the responses didn’t answer my questions, and I got very frustrated and probably just started asking stupid questions because I was getting nowhere. this was via email and a couple of phone calls if I remember properly. I asked a few questions on here, but only saw that there was an actual reply when I posted this thread, I guess I stopped checking on here after a few weeks (my posts were answered a month after posting- those answers would not have fixed this problem though)
I reached out to them via facebook when I posted this, it has only been 4 days though.