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Z Axis / Homing / Jogging Issues


I just finished setting up my xyz and I have been using UGS to set up the machine as the settings recommend homing. The machine works perfectly fine but the moment I jog the Y & X, it will only move one way and Z axis will not move at all.

I have also tried to set up easel, again the home sequence will work but XYZ axis wont move when I jog or when i select carve. If someone could please let me know where I’ve gone wrong i would high appreciate it.

Kind regards

Hi Michael

A couple of ideas for you to try,
Did you follow the steps in this post http://xyzcarve.3dtek.xyz/steps/Step13/ and here http://xyzcarve.3dtek.xyz/steps/Step14/
And did you use the setup wizard in UGS?
Apart form that call Ryan he should know how to sort it
Good luck