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XYZ carve - X axis compressed movement


Hi Ben and cnc folk,

Mid job the machine froze. Now when I try and cut a lob the X is not right. Its only moving a fraction compared to the y axis. In other words if I try to cut a circle I end up with very compressed ellipse?

Any thoughts where I should turn my attention to resolve this problem?



To answer my own question… I replaced the x axis 4 stepper driver on the CNC shield with a spare and that fixed it. I did notice they are running quite hot. Is this normal?


They will run very hot. They are quite happy to run hot enough that you will leave your fingerprint on them if you touch them.

The stepper motors should be kept to a temperature of 50 degrees or less if possible, though they should also handle much more. If you can touch and hold the stepper for a few seconds without it being uncomfortably hot then its ok.

If the X is not moving the same as the Y in a circle movement, its getting too hot (the driver) and is shutting down for small periods then coming back online shortly after. (this can happen in less than one second) While the driver is ofline its not processing any steps and so… it all looks bad. This can also be a loose pulley on a motor but sounds like in your case was the driver.

If this is an XYZ Carve - you are welcome to a free upgrade to our newer AIO controller thats easier to tune and work with. Just pay postage. Contact 3Dtek via email/phone if interested