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Where is 3DTek, Can't cantact them

I’ve been trying to contact 3dtek australia for 3 weeks now, no reply to emails, text or phone calls

Can anyone help with contact


Maybe try the uk office info@3dtek.xyz

I have the same issue, customer service in Australia is nonexistent. I called the UK office and they were able to help.

I believe that they’ve been extremely busy in Australia the last few months with a massive amount of orders due to covid-19 and have been flat out trying to complete orders and service customers… It took me a couple weeks of calling to get on to Ben recently - however once i did get onto him he was extremely helpful and gave me his undivided attention for over an hour to talk through some stuff. Try sending a message or email so your on their radar or contacting the UK office as others have mentioned…

No luck in contacting them either. Just sent another email so hopefully something soon. I finished building my machine but wasn’t sent a power cable. I tried to post a question here but my question got flagged as inappropriate and waiting for review.

I doubt that a power cable is Supplied with the kit as it could present legal problems Hence an electrican is required for the final connections at least with the heavy mill I didn’t get one either and yes Ben has been flat out because of COVID-19 and everyone wanting something to do

Power cable is supplied, I got one in my kit.