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UGS V1.0.9 issue on Win 7 64


Hi guys, I’m having a few issues with UGS V1.0.9 on Windows 7 64. I’m able to establish a successful connection with the GBRL AIO - all ok there (set at 115k). When I type $$ in the command window the parameters are displayed in the console however when I select the parameters setting popup from the menu the table is not populated. I’ve noticed in the terminal window there is feedback but it’s displaying an exception error and loops through continuously. I’ve downloaded the nightly build V2.0 and this is working for me although I don’t want to be using it if it’s still in development phase. I’ve also tried V1.0.8 however this returns a txrx error (in the terminal window messages) and I can’t get past that.

Any ideas?

Btw I’ll be posting build pics shortly once I get the electronics sorted out.


Hi mitch I think I’m seeing a similar error. All works ok with 1.0.9 and java, but the java console is looping over and over with an error. However, I can send GRBL commands and set parameters OK. I tested and calibrated my xyz carve no problem


This is exactly what was happening for me. Like I said, still able to set, test, calibrate though


Thanks for your response! Now I know how to solve acca offers here