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Questions or Comments relating to the Heavy Mill


Questions or Comments relating to the Heavy Mill should be posted here


Anyone have a Heavy Mill working or is building to show photos or answer questions. Thank you. Bill


Hi Guys

Anyone know when the heavy mill is to be made available again? How are things going with owners of the heavy mill thus far?


Hi, there is no easy way to answer than question to the degree you have requested.

The feeds and speeds that you might choose are very dependant on the combination of type of wood, type of cut, & type of end mill.

The Xcarve is a light duty machine. It will do the same work, however at a 10th of the speed and depth.

if your local to Sydney you are welcome to pop in and try out the heavy mill?


Does anyone have any video of the Heavy Mill churning out some projects? Would be great to see it in action!

I’m loving the XYZ-Carve but already dreaming of the upgrade


Hi: just setting up to check the distances engraved into the first piece with the spindle operating tonight. I will film it and post it soonest. I will film items as I cut them.


Sorry no photos at this time, The Heavy Mill is going great. Videos to be edited to go on forum next week after hospital visit.




I’m currently using the xyz carve. It’s a nice little machine, but I think I have outgrown it. Looking at the Heavy Mill, it strikes me that using two motors on the y axis is inviting one of the more annoying aspects of the xyz carve, that is, frequently having to square up the x-axis. Have you thought of using a shaft to connect the y-axis pulleys? Could be on just one end. That way both belts could be driven by one motor and always be in synch.