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Program stops running mid way through program


Hi all,
having a re-occuring issue. The program I’m running stops mid way. The motor stays on and in the last cutting position. The UGS program still shows the green ‘run’ symbol and nothing I select on the UGS program does anything. I have to physically hit the red emergency stop button to stop the motor, restart the program and start from scratch. Any help is much appreciated.
This is the version 2. Oct 28th 2018 nightly build


This is almost always a USB disconnect due to electrical noise interfering with the USB cable, or a case of the computer falling asleep.

  1. Make sure the power settings of the computer keep it awake. If you came back to the computer and need to shake the mouse to wake it up - this is the cause of the halt. PC must remain awake and feeding lines of GCODE, falling asleep drops the connection.

  2. Make sure the USB cable does not cross over or go near any power cables. When it comes out of the box, direct it away from any other cables and over to your computer.

  3. Keep an eye out for external influences. Other things in your shop or the vicinity can create noise transmitted into the USB line. Turning on and off brushed tools such as drills, drop saws, table saws etc. Vacuum cleaners are a big one. Both turning on and off and also touching the machine with a vacuum cleaner thats running can cause this. Static discharge from the vacuum wand to the machine almost always creates a USB disconnect.(note this is not an issue if the vac was already running and connected to the machine) We have even seen dodgy fluorescent light starters that flicker and sump pumps in basements that cause a problem.

If point one or two doesn’t solve the problem, try starting a test job - maybe just an air cut (with the spindle running) and do some tests regarding point 3 by running around and turning everything in the workshop on and off a few times and see if you can isolate what is upsetting the connection. You will notice the machine stop moving instantly if something you turn on or off is causing the problem. Then either don’t use that device while the machine is running or investigate why its so noisy. Brushed AC motors in tools for example may need a new set of brushes to quiet them down (electronically not audibly).

If you cannot identify the issue with one of these steps - it could be the computer or the USB lead. You could swap out either or both to see. It’s rarely the case but we have seen a few occasions where an old laptop or computer was simply a bit delicate with regards to the USB and could not be used with the machines.

We have also found that old printer USB cables seem to be very good. They somehow seem to be much better shielded than USB leads found on the market today and so if you have an old printer USB cable hanging around these are good to try.

Failing all this call 3DTek for some extra discussion.