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Port not found and fan not working but very hot

Afternoon all,

So I’ve built my xyz carve and now come to the bit where I hook it up.

Couple of issues I have.

1 UGS cant find the port. When I plug into the laptop there is quiet noise coming from the servo on the x and all servos lock up so there is obviously power gong through. Any help appreciated.

2 the cooling fan doesn’t work and when I opened the case up i noticed the sticker had peeled away. On touching the hub of the fan it was very hot so obviously a problem there. Any help appreciated.


  1. When you plug it into the laptop, it enables the drivers and so the motors will begin to hiss and hum. Don’t concern this is normal and they will likely be quieter once tuned. They should all lock up at this point. Regarding port not found, have you installed the USB driver?

  2. If the fan does not work and is getting hot, it’s likely defective, please contact 3Dtek directly on the phone number on our website and it will be replaced quickly.

Many thanks for the reply.

I reinstalled the driver and it now shows up as recognising the port so all good.

I’ll continue with the rest of the set up and see how I go.

Once again thanks for the response.

Just noticed on the photos you have in the section where you can buy the GRBL board that the wiring is opposite to the instructions. The instruction state to make sure the red wire is outer most - I’ve just unplugged it and turned the plug round and the fan now works.

Wow- Ill check this out - Thanks for the heads up!!