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Photos of completed heavy mill enclosure?

Does anyone have any photos of their completed electronics enclosure?

I have seen an example layout but am after photos of the completed wiring and also some photos of the outside too, would like to see how people have done it and if I’m on the right track.



Hi, it sounds like I’m up to the same point as you. I have the heavy mill and went with the Masso. The inverter I have is able to be installed outside of the enclosure so all that is in the enclosure will be the 48volt power supply, the 12 volt power supply, the Masso, all mounted on the din rail and in the location where there is still a couple of inches of air gap above the power supplies and the gecko 540 will be mounted below those.
The intake cooling fan will be on the left and just below the centreline of the enclosure and exhaust filter directly opposite on the right.
The gecko will sit on the stand off supports and under the Masso and be directly in line with the fan as this is what requires the most cooling. I still have to plan exactly where to put the cable glands but as far as the cable exit for the USB and VGA is concerned, I was going to use a wall plate that has the VGA and twin USB plugs on the outside and they come with a short tail on the inside that connects to the Masso. That way I can plug and unplug the monitor/keyboard/USB stick in the outside without having to open the enclosure. I’m looking into those wall plates now and have found a company that will custom make pretty much any plate configuration you want. Hope this helps. I’ll post photos when I get more advanced.
Good luck with your build.

Hi Peter,

thanks for your response. Sounds like we have a different setup as I don’t have the Masso, and I just have the 800W spindle so everything fits in the enclosure, but would still be interested to see what yours looks like. Just after photos of the completed wiring going in and out of the enclosure so I can see what other people have done and compare it to the path I’m going on.

Good luck and hope to see those photos once you’re done.

If anyone else has photos of their completed heavy mill enclosure with the wiring completed that would be great.



That’s ok
It’ll be a while before I get to that point as I’m building a room in the shed first, to somewhat sound proof it.
I’d be interested to see what others have done also.

Hi Chris, some pictures of mine.