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Optidrive Params settings


Hi, I’m looking for the optidrive parameter settings, I’m currently using the Optidrive to control spindle on/off and speed, but i have just added an auto tool setting touch plate and wan’t the masso to control on/off and the g.code to control speed.



What is the model of optidrive? Is this the high performance model we had confused with an e3 model previously during original commissioning?


yep E3


So ! if I want the Masso to control on/off function and spindle speed to be controlled by the G.Code, I have to set the P-12 funtion to “0” so it has terminal control ?..does that sound right ?


P12=0 for io terminal control.
P14 = 201 (to enable access to p15 and above)
P15= 0 (To say run when a signal applied to DI1 (pin2), from either from masso pin 5 or from a short to pin 1 on vfd)


G’day Ben,
I’m still having trouble getting this to work via the terminal, I have the VFD wired as per the diagram on this site, I have P12 & P15 set to zero. Iv’e rechecked my connections and they’re all good so now i’m a bit stuck.


Sorted !!
Pin 4 and Pin 5 on the VFD had to be swapped, the wiring diagram and setup notes differ.