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No connection with machine

Hoping someone can help.

I’ve just finished my build of the x carve.

Loaded the ugcp now trying to control the cnc.

Everything looks ok. Firmware - GRBL. Port - COM3. Baud - 115200.

Motors have locked up. Console says

  • connection closed
  • Connected to COM3 @ 115200 baud.

Then that’s it. Can’t do anything else.
I’m thinking I’ve forgot to do something.

Any help will be appreciated.

Are you sure COM3 is your XYZCarve?

Please, can you open your device manager and have a look under ports com & LTP to see that there is a CP2102 device listed, as per the image below.

If you do see this correct device and its Com3 that it suggests its connected to, then it looks like the firmware may have been lost on the board. That or possibly your ESTOP is pressed, this can leave the AIO in a constant reboot cycle.

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thanks heaps, it was the wrong port.
All fixed and thanks again for your help.
Machine is moving around great, big day tomorrow.