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My Z-Axis Problem

Environment: CNC Router/Heavy Mill - 2.2Kw Spindle - Hardwoods only - MASSO G3 controller (Config file version 3.42.2) and V-Carve Pro 10.18.0. I have the correct post processor installed - (FYI only: I use Imperial measurement).

I have a weird occurence taking place. At a point in the job the Z-Axis changes from a negative to a positive position. For instance, I have a test file: testing.crv (which is just the word’ Testing’) which uses a Carbide V60 degree, 3F Trend .57" dia’ bit and is in the Toolbase using appropriate vendor settings. The depth of cut for this file, at maximum, is 0.125". The size of the material is 6" X 4" X .75" and is Oak. I first Home the machine correctly, I have then set the job ‘Home’, bottom left and at the material surface with all axis at 0. I start the job and all goes swimmingly until the bit completes part of the text ‘TEST’. It should go to the ‘i’ and it does but, the Z axis has now risen from the correct depth (in the Gcode for the previous ‘t’) to a positive position and, consequently, it air cuts the rest of the letters ‘ing’.

I have a correctly set up machine. The spoilboard has been surfaced and checked for level by measuring the distance between the spoilboard surface (all four corners and center) and the bottom of the spindle at a set height. The X axis gantry is level across the entire table. The whole system is only a month old and has, virtually, no usage other than setup and testing. I have configured the controller using the latest software update direct from MASSO. The Z-axis is correctly setup and has been checked using MDI to ascertain that a command results in a correct postioning of the Z axis. Homing work correctly and V-Carve ‘appears’ to be creating accurate measurements and Gcode using the MASSO/Vectric post processor.

Here’s a thing: As the Z axis moves into a positive position during the test job I hit the E-Stop. The Z axis on the MASSO is showing a correct position as -0.0825" at the time I stopped the job but, the position of the bit is, clearly, above the surface of the material at about the same value but a positive value of 0.0825" (approximate, as it is difficult to measure accurately).

I have been working with 3DTEK (in the UK) to try and resolve this anomoly.

Problem solved. I work in Imperial measurement. The settings file sent to me for my Heavy Mill was metric content. The translation was not accurate and that is the root cause of my difficulties. I suppose the assumption is that being in the UK equals using metric but, in my case that is not so. I do refer to metric now and again but I am not comfortable with metric and I struggle to see things in metric so, I stay with what I know well.

The solution is:

Pulses / revol  = 2000
Max feedrate  = 15in/sec
Acceleration = 1in/sec^2
Travel Min  = -4 in
Travel Max  = 0

With this applied to the Masso everything now works perfectly.