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Machine keeps going Off line

Hi everyone. Need some help. Xyz carve was going great but after a few days off I come back to a problem when running UGS software it keeps going of line and everything stops. Can anyone help with this problem.
Really slowing my workflow up, starting to get order back logs.
I’m using the usb that came with the machine. Nothing has changed around work area.


This sounds like a USB disconnection which can happen for a few different reasons.
One of which is the computer going to sleep. If you come back to the computer and have to shake the mouse to wake it up then this is he reason, please adjust the power settings on the pc to tell it not to sleep.

Otherwise it can be due to noise on the USB line. Ensure that this USB lead goes no where near the spindle cable or any power cables.

Other interference such as electrostatic discharge when touching the machine with a non grounded shop vac hose can cause a USB disconnect. Sometimes starting other equipment close by with worn out brushes can cause a lot of noise and interrupt things.

What are you doing at the time of disconnect?

If you think it’s a noise issue, but can’t isolate it to one of the reasons above then one easy fix is to grab some snap on ferrite from jay at and pop one on each stepper and limit switch line just before the green plug inside the enclosure.

Hi thanks for that I’ll give it ago.

Cheers robert