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Machine drops out randomly

Hi all,

I have a heavy mill and until recently its been working fine. However its started dropping out randomly, it’ll get part way through a job and then UGS just goes offline. I’ve tried a tonne of things but nothing works. I’ve tried different usb cables and computers, currently the cable is routed as far away from other power sources as it can…
It only drops out while running a program, never while it’s idle.

Any suggestions?

Anyone? I’m getting desperate and have no solutions.

I’ve done a few more tests.

I tried running the spindle only with the control board engaged but not running a program and it didn’t drop out.
I tried running a program with the spindle off (speed =0) and it didn’t drop out.
Only when I try running a program with the spindle will it drop out after a few minutes.

That’s certainly an odd one, it’s got to be some sort of interference, bases on your tests. Have you tried another program other than UGS?

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