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Jog during feed hold then resume

Previous mach3 user so very unused to UGS and grbl, etc.

Have questions related to XYZ Carve

  1. How to jog during feed hold? Currently when I press yellow feed hold button the UGS jog buttons don’t do anything until I press green resume button.

  2. Will it remember the last xyz when I resume?

  3. How to set Safe Z? Currently when I press red stop abort button it just stops but doesn’t go up.

Thanks in advance

  1. You cannot jog during a feed hold, its not provided for in grbl.
  2. No as per above
  3. Estop is a complete stop, there would not want to be any movement after this. Its only used in emergency situations when the machine must be halted.

What I suspect your looking for is a parking operation, this can be configured on the feed hold button. The idea is that the job will pause, then the machine moves to a pre defined position and waits for the resume / cycle start to be hit before going back and resuming the job, in this case the last position is remembered.

The Door parking operation requires some lines of code being uncommented in the main source and then uploaded, easiest done with the Arduino software.