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How to get V Carve bits to work in CNC

I have been ripping my hair out trying to get the XYZ Carve to cut V Groove patters deeper than about 1.5mm deep

I am using Easel and GBRL Sender but no matter his deep I set the cut depth, the bit barely touched my board which is flat!

Anyone out there who can help???

Do you have easel pro or just the free one, the free one does not support v bits,
Try learning a proper program such as Fusion 360.

Easel allows you to export the GCode with vbit? Even when I used a spiral upcut bit, it still didn’t cut the depth that I set. Using UGS Platform, it shows a measurement which appears to be a buffer in the material settings. The X & Y measurements are what I have set in Easel however the Z appears to not be correct.