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Heavymill workflow


I am UK based, looking to get into CNC, mainly for furniture making and offering CNC services to the local area. I think I’m settled on the Heavymill, seems to sit nicely between my other choices of a Workbee or an AVID, a robust looking system that I will know how to fix myself.

I have a few questions please

  1. I will want to spec it right up, so the 2.2kw VFD. The website is full of warnings about using an electrician. Is it relatively straight forward to understand the dangers of VFD wiring and maintenance? From a youtube search it doesn’t seem that stressful if wired correctly. I can solve this by buying the prebuilt electronics box for £250

  2. What is peoples workflows like? The Masso seems like a good option, but I worry it’s limited. Can I do all my usual modelling and normal CNC workflow on a PC and then just wifi the plan to the Masso and set it going? I don’t mind dedicated hardware for control (it seems to have decent reviews), I just want to understand how I go from Fusion 360 or something, to XCarve? to something else and then to finished piece.

I’m sure I’ll have many more questions.

As a side note to this forum owner, the signup page is broken on my machine, you cannot click on the Username field (I had to shift tab back to it from the email form.


Oh more questions:

I see there is a VFD / electronics box option that removes the headache, so I just need a distribution board with 20A+ fuse for it. Perfect.

  1. Should I opt for the aluminium track bed, and screw MDF to that? Or will that come at the cost of workpiece height? I presume you would otherwise mount the machine to a bench top, and then mount the spoil board to the same bench top independently?