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HeavyMill spoil board

Hi All,

Well its been a year since I first got my Heavy Mill and i’ve now just finished it and I saw it move for the first time today.

The only thing at the moment is, I can’t seem to find anything relating the spoil board/waste board mounting.

Any help would be great.


Hi Josh,
One of the first jobs I got the machine to do was to create the spoil board. I used standard 16mm MDF. I draw up a grid with the x axis at about 350mm centres and the y axis over the centres of the rails. To attach the spoil board I used M6 button head screws, washers and T-nuts. Attach the spoil board to the rails with temporary screws and T-nuts at the edges outside the soft limits and your grid clear of the rails. With your software design a 6.2mm through hole with a 8mm deep pocket on top side of the hole. The pocket diameter to be the diameter of the washer plus 1mm. Cut one of these combinations at each grid point. You will need to move the spoil board a couple of times as the front and back rails are outside the machine limits.
Remove the board from the machine and clean the dust. Mark the grid on the rails with a pencil. Insert the T-nuts at these points. I used small pieces of the packing plastic foam to hold the T-nuts in place, it also stops them spinning with tightening.
Place the spoil board in place, the holes should line up with the T-nuts, can make small adjustments with a thin screw driver by sliding the T-nuts.
Put the screws in and your done. I have attached some photos, hope this helps and give you some ideas

Hi Lyle,

Thanks for your reply.

I did something similar, but I marked and drilled holes manually. Cut 3mm masonite packers to sit under the T nut and tightened.

Your method is much better.

It took me 3 hours, due to missalignment of the holes to the rails.