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Heavy Mill Build Issues


I completed a build of a heavy mill for a 3dTek customer.
They built the frame and I did all of the electronics and configuration. It is pretty much finished but I have a few questions which I probably should have asked long ago.

  1. Is there a manual? When I first took over the build (a few months back) the customer showed me a page which had an assortment of build instructions that they had found on the 3dTek website) that Is all of the information that they had, and they (and I) couldn’t work out how to find this page through navigation of the site we could only find it by using google and typing in something like “3dtek heavy mill build log” but the google result now points to a dead page. does anyone know where that went? or better still. does anyone know where there are some real instructions or a manual?

  2. Is there a BOM somewhere? I am an electrical engineer and fairly experienced with CNC machines. but this build (and configuration) took me an embarrassingly long time. I actually believe that it would have been quicker for me to design and build from scratch. A large part of the problem was that I didnt have model numbers for anything which meant that I couldn’t find data sheets which means that I had to experiment and measure everything. Over the course of the build I had to configure both an Arduino GRBL and a Masso controller. These two use different sets of parameterisation most of which had to be measured eg by measuring the distance from one revolution or counting the steps. All in all, this took about a day but would have taken just minutes if I had a datasheet for the motors. I still dont think I have all of the number correct but everything seems to be working.

  3. Does anyone have photos (or drawing details) of the limit switch physical installation? Detailed photos of the ends of each axis would be great. as mentioned, the customer build the frame but I installed the limit switches as per drawings on the “build log” which no longer exists (as far as I can tell) some of the switches would have fouled on things like the belt pullies and others would have never actuated because something else would have fouled first. which meant that for pretty much all of them I had to build a “bracket” which would actuate the limit near the end of the travel. I don’t want to believe that this is how 3dTek would have designed it and I assume that the customer went wrong somewhere in the build but without a manual or at least detailed photos, I can’t check their work. Nothing stands out as an obvious mistake, another possibility is that one/some of the parts were machined incorrectly.

Thanks in advance for your help