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GRLB AIO issues


I’ve setup my machine and got to testing the electronics using the universal gcode sender. Worked a little bit on the x and y but had some belt tension issues to sort out.

However, now I think something has blown up on the GRBLAIO, the java window shows lots of null pointer errors when I try to retrieve the firmware… not much happening now :frowning:


All sorted ! problem was current limits, follow the GRBL AIO video by Ben and all will be revealed https://youtu.be/Aws5a1H9MM0


Another thing, is the cable sock sufficient to prevent crosstalk ? it looks like a lot of loose cabling and my steppers were “mostly” responding to the gcode sender to move left right back forward etc.


Cant even get an “OK” when I connect to the usb from terminal “sudo screen /dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART”


Thanks a lot for this useful video!