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Grinding Motor Issue


I’ve put together the XYZ Carve but I’m getting this one issue with Z axis motor. It makes a grinding noise when it’s ramping up or slowing down. Here’s a video:

When it ramps up and is moving at a constant speed the grinding stops. I’ve tried changing the acceleration/deceleration but it doesn’t make a difference.

Anyone have an idea on what the issue could be? Is it just a dodgy motor?


Hi, I’ve plugged in the X-axis motor into the Z-axis plug and get the grinding noise:

I did notice that the X-axis motor travels about 4 times further when it's plugged into and using the Z-axis plug/controls - all the settings (step, rate, accel) were identical for all the different axes.

I’ve also checked the resistance of the wire pairs on both X-axis and Z-axis motors and they read between 1 and 2 ohms.


To see if it’s the motor or wiring, plug the X motor plug into the z axis and see if the issue persists. Plug x motor into z plug on board and try to jog the z axis which should physically move the X axis - if the X axis now plays up its a driver issue. If the X motor did not play up then it’s likely a Z motor or Z wiring issue. Check both pairs are connected by reading the resistance across each pair from the green plug on the Z driver. You should read 1 to 2 ohms across the left two pins and 1 to 2 ohms across the right two pins, anything different please report.


Great videos! Thanks for sharing them here!