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Fusion post processing file for UGS

Is there a file that I need to download and add into fusion 360 to make sure that the gcode generated there is fine to be read without issues from UGS?

I have just chosen the grbl option when I try and save the gcode file but I get errors when I try and run it and then UGS locks up.

In the inventables website they have a file that can be added to a directory in fusion for their XCarve. I have also seen videos of people doing a similar thing for adding in UGS to fusion.

What is the correct way to use fusion and UGS?

It’s not locking up so much as informing you it cant handle a tool change and waiting for you to approve continuing by cycle starting - press start again after ok’ing this.

It’s important that the Tool change commands are not deleted from the file, its also important you don’t train UGS to ignore them.

You will get this at the start of every file, and only once per file! If you get it a second time then you have exported multiple tool-paths in on file and you must not continue the second time. Doing so would have the machine continue on with the wrong size tool which is guaranteed to make a mess or worse.