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Faulty power supply?


Hi, ive just set up my XYZ carve and tested the limit switches (which was all good) started testing the homing cycle and everthing worked for a minute and then stopped and noticed that the blue light on my power supply was off. I unplugged and replugged it in a few times and then it worked again and could move my steppers for 10sec then nothing. I had to do this a few times and i can see the light just comes on then fades away, it doesnt stay solid. Ive disconnected it from the grbl aio and it still does the same.

Does this sound like a power supply issue of something else?



The psu will shutdown if overdrawn or shorted. Should not be possible to over draw so look for possible shorts. Tune the drivers to about half way on the trim pots and let us know if keeps happening and we will help or swap out power supply


The psu shows no voltage when unplugged from the control board, if you plug it in it shows some voltage then drops to nothing as the light fades. Couldnt find any shorts (that im aware of) and pots were trimmed down. Ive put a jumper on JP3 is that right if using the on board drivers?