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I feel like a total moron but i cant find the answer anywhere. When setting up for the clean out with a straight bit, do you swap out the v bit with the straight where the router stopped and does the bit have to be at the same depth as the v bit? Can anyone enlighten me on the procedure of cleaning out with the straight bit after a v carve

Thanks Jon


Hi Jon; Sorry I have not had this issue before as I cut with the straight bit then do a run around with the Vbit to clean the slope the edges. If you want the job to have a slope to the same depth then set it to that depth. If you want a small slope lower the depth, or that is how I look at the use of the Vbits. I use Vetric to set the carvings and it separates the job to the types of bits to use.


I understand all that but what i dont understand is when swapping out the v bit for the straight or in your case the other way round do you zero the machine back to the starting point or run the clean up gcode from the point where the machine stopped the carve


I only reset the z axis when changing tools as the height will change. Has worked well for me so far!


i have made a block/jig that will hold any size end bit at the same height when i change them over (it holds the bit in place while i tighten up the collet)


Hi Devo; Can you show the block that you use and how you use it.


Yes, can you show it to us?