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Cutting too deep in Easel too deep

Hi All. I recently completed the build of my XYZ-Carve and have started testing it.

I have an issue when carving where it is cutting much deeper than I ask.

EG I have 7mm piece of ply material. I set the depth in easel to 7mm. However when it carves it is carving well beyond the 7mm into the wasteboard. I am stopping the machine before it completes the cut because i am worried it will run into the metal screw inserts in the waste board.

My settings from what I know are all correct. I am also definitely working in mm in easel and my depths all set in mm. X and Y are carving correctly but the depth is going way too deep.

Any help diagnosing would be much appeciated

Here is an output of my machine settings:


I just got the xyz carve, too. When trying to make my first two jobs, using easel, it seamed to be working fine until about half way, then all of a sudden, it drags the bit to a strange spot and just buries the bit into the material so deeply, that the machine stops.

Think we’re having an easel issue.

Maybe someone can recommend another post process that is better than easel, but also easy to use?