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Cutting a groove around a shape

Hi , hope some one can help. I build bartop arcade machines . I’ve got my cnc to cut all parts and got my machine to work great. My problem is I’m trying to cut a groove around the end pieces of mdf to install t molding down the edges. I need the groove all way around the end pieces of mdf. I usually use a hand router but would be great if I could use cnc machine. I’ve seen a video of it being done but can’t find how to start . I’m using vectric aspire but can’t find any advise anywhere , please can someone help.

You should be able to use a slot cutter, set the tool dia in vectric smaller than the actual tool diameter so the tool cuts the slot relative to the profile
and set a lead-in, and lead-out if you can, so the tool doesn’t cut the part on entry and exit.

Or fudge the lead-in/lead-out by adding a bit of waste to the CAD profile and ensuring you start and stop there ie it cuts air instead of the part on lead-in/lead-out

How you control the height in Vectric so you cut a single slot at the right height I don’t know

That’s great. Thank you for your help