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couple problems


When the machine is powered up, how hard is it for you to over power the motor by dialing the knob on the front of the machine by hand

no much difficult

Please Test also how hard it is to over power the z motor by hand and report back.

no much difficult

Sorry this test i did from a plastic knob the motor have up.
From the center screw is:

Y no much difficult
Z impossible


Yes, I hoped you would test it with the plastic knob. If you are able to easily move it by hand then either

a) Your stepper motors are not powerful enough for this machine and its losing steps when moving
b) Your current settings on the AIO board are not providing enough power to the motors so its losing steps when moving.

If your motors are nice and warm, like 30-50 degrees, then its issue A.
If they are not warm, its issue B). Dial up the current (small movements anticlockwise on the trim pots) then leave it to sit for a few minutes and check the temperature on the motors again.
They should be warm - cold stepper motors are not working hard. Steppers use allot of power sitting doing nothing, not moving just holding a position. If your machine is on for 5 minutes sitting holding position and not moving you would expect good warmth in the motors. Keep an eye on the driver warning LED’S on the AIO - you don’t want these coming on. Find a good balance between a good power to the motor and not overheating the drivers.
Also, watch the motor power as you dial up the drivers. You should notice small anti-clockwise adjustments make a big difference in how hard it is to overpower the machine by hand (using knobs).


Hello Ben, thank you very much for your help, you are really very kind.
Now I’m traveling, but I’ll be back on Wednesday afternoon, I’ll try it and put the results in the forum
Thanks again


one question
I’m using the onboard drivers but my jumper number 3 is disconnected, it’s right?


it actually doesnt matter


I do not use the motor A, disconnecting the jumper 6 disables the driver A operation?


No, it only disconnects the error output from that driver.
Just turn the trim pot for driver A all the way clockwise if your not using it


thank you very much and good night


:wink: Night


Unfortunately my problem continues
change the three steppers motors for new nema 23
Change the power supply by one of 36v 10A
change all electric cables for new
and the problem continues
even checking the steppers motors on the table, outside the cnc
the z goes in the negative direction
Can this be a failure of the AIO board?
I sent you the Gcode for email to see if that is the problem
I do not know what else to do
Thank you


Please describe the Z going in the negative direction. Is that to say that it never goes positive, all movements are only one direction regardless of which direction you select? If this is so then it’s possibly an issue with the board.


the problem is when I send simple gcode (send an example in your email)
not all the time goes in negative z, but 80% of the time.
try with a lot of gcode that I do at the moment
sometimes he works a lot not
what I do?


When you say goes in the Z negative. Do you mean that the Z drifts gradually deeper during the job, or that it goes in the negative direction when its supposed to be going in the positive direction?


it goes in the negative direction when its supposed to be going in the positive direction


hooooo I put the old CNC control board and everything works perfectly, slow but fine.
Tell me what we can do.
your AIO CNC control board was checked before sending it to me?


Yes, we check them all. Not to say its not still an issue with the card. If your happy with the old control board then we will return the AIO. If you would rather keep using the AIO then we will keep working on it. Either way I think you should send it back for us to asses. I cannot work out with our discussion exactly what is happening so will need to see the board to test, and fix or replace if its an issue


I want to use this AIO, which address I would have to send the card?
I’m going to have to buy more cnc machine and I wanted to have a local contact
I’m just worried about how long this process will take, I’ve already lost many days of work