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Controlling a Laser from GRBL AIO?

Was looking at the Fabool and it got me wondering whether it would be a simple mod to add a laser option to the XYZ. Mechanically yes - but I would like to operate it from the AIO - any thoughts on that? My simple aim as I see it is to allow the laser to turn on and off at cutlines. Happy to tweak G-code prior to doing a laser cut, just want to know where/how to drive it from on the AIO.

We used a laser purchased from darkly labs
and this constant current driver from Core Electronics - which unfortunately has been discontinued… however will still be able to be sourced on ebay or somewhere on the web.

Make sure to grab yourself a set of these glasses or a set of the recommended glasses for which ever laser product you source.

We used the spindle speed signal to control the laser driver, and so standard gcode commands were able to turn on and of as well as adjust the power with this single pin. Alternatively you could use the spindle direction pin or the work coolant pin as a simple on off switch, however chances are you want to have more control of the power levels and so the spindle speed pin will be the one to use

Ditto to Ben’s method. The darkley lasers work a treat, though I’ve found that it’s not powerful enough to cut much - I got a 3W Emblaser module, which the Emblaser manual/discussion forum seems suggest is best run at 2-3A i think. That constant current driver Ben recommended only does 800mA (but is still rated at 3W - variable voltage maybe?).

Anyhoo, it seems to work ok for etching timber.

Also, be careful to only ever start/stop it via the software. For saftey I put a key isolation lock in line between the driver and the laser. If you have activate the driver (gcode M3 S1000) before you turn on the hard switch then you get a surge to the laser, which apparently will kill it over time.

I bought one of these drivers to protect from the startup surge and get 2.5A not 0.8A, but haven’t fitted it to the machine yet

ps the new Emblasers (Emblaser 2) are going to be using LaserWeb for gcoding/sending. It’s a complicated install at the moment, but looks promising and is better than needing to edit gcode all the time

We had selected that driver to allow it to be run from the x carves 24v supply. If you use that new driver you found check that you have limited the current appropriately for the input voltage. it’s like an led and needs current limiting as it will drive itself to death with what ever power you feed it and 2.5 amps x 5-12v is allot more than 3w!

Hi, I am going back to scratch on this one - are there any guides on how to compile g-code to use the laser attached as you describe?

Anyone know if I can use a Laseraxe head with the XYZ Carve ? It comes with a controller board, but I would prefer to use the XYZ AIO board - native code etc. Details of the head in this link (below):