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Connecting a laser to the AIO

Good Morning to the brains trust
I am trying to connect a laser to the AIO board using the spindle connection

Can I use the spindle outlet on the aio board

Gnd = -

Pad = +

I have tried this and it does not seem work.
When I power the laser on, I have a continuous beam

I have changed the setting in lightburn to $32 = 1

Is there something else I need to do?

Any advice would be appreciated
Kind Regards

There is a little bit of difficulty with this port which has been documented here

Hey Guys,

I am having the same issue attempting to connect a laser to my XYZ-Carve.
The board is version 1.i, running grbl v1.1f.
In the link you provided it refers to jumper placement to get the 5V PWM out and then refers to an non-existent image, could you please specify which jumper is that I need to set?

I have tried everything possible to generate a voltage off of the PWM pins via commands including changing firmware versions, editing the grbl source code, and have followed all of the correct steps as far as the working with the safety features around the laser mode in grbl.

You help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

p.s. I have tested the laser and it works as intended, I just cannot get a voltage output between PWM and GND.


After searching around with a multimeter I could see the PWM voltage was present on PIN 15(D11) of the ATMEGA328P but had no connection to any of the 3 through-holes where the PWM voltage selection jumpers should have been.

As PIN15(D11) is the MISO pin and also goes to the the ISP header I placed a jumper from that pin to the PWM voltage selection though-hole that connects directly to the PWM pin of the pheonix connector and now can operate the laser as intended.

I hope this helps anyone else who comes looking.