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Configuration problems

when trying to reconfigure my machine i get this message between homing (which it does very well ) to soft limits.

Error Message reads :- couldn’t fetch firmware settings: Expected the key $130 to cotain a numeric value but was 0.000

can someone please help as this problem started on friday so ive got no work done since then, jobs are piling up.

Have to mention the machine has been working nearly every day for the last 8 months with no problems.


Hi Robert,
Have a look at this page(https://www.3dtek.xyz/2018/02/19/grbl-error-codes-8/) in particular Alarms 2 & 9. It appears to refer to your limits.
Are your switches working properly (including wiring, loose connections etc)?
Is your homing set properly?
Are your soft limits set properly?
I hope that this may be of help.
Kind regards