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2019 xyz assembly issues

Hey I though I would just make a thread as I seem to be having a lot of issues trying to put together this kit- I think i am just having issues with the format the build info is given in.
Is there a better resource than this page?

Hi Jacob
If you have any issues with the build or if some instruction needs further info please call or msg contact Ben Harper on 0410730128 directly and he will call to discuss and send any information required or update instructions to elaborate if necessary.

are we supposed to use the xcarve instructions?

No, please see xyzcarve.3dtek.xyz

Were the ‘instructions’ put together while actually assembling the machine? There doesn’t actually seem to be any real order to them.

Why were we instructed to assemble the z axis stepper motor to the x carriage before securing the pulley belt as per inventables instructions? Having this assembled later would allow more access to get the belt on.

There are just too many instances of having to build a part and then pull it apart so that the next step can be done.